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    JE pistons or Wiseco - Forged pistons

    JE pistons or Wiseco - Forged pistons

    We have worked a lot with different engines and can therefore help with the pistons you want and meet the requirements for your conversion. Forged pistons are often a must when building an engine where a compressor or turbocharger must be mounted, the extra power and pressure on the pistons often destroys the original pistons. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to have to tune an engine where the pistons do not need to be replaced up to a certain power or charge pressure. This can ex. be a BMW engine like M20 / M50. However, there are some of them where the connecting rod is not strong enough. We are happy to help with information about your engine, but we do not know all the engines and what power they can run with before you need new forged pistons.

    You can ex. get:

    Stamps according to desired drilling, compression ratio, and crank stroke.

    The ceramic coating on the surface of the piston - The heat is rejected from the piston and remains in the combustion.

    Anti-friction coating on the sides of the pistons. Provides extra life on the pistons.

    Upgraded crossover - Available in lightweight or extra thickness for a turbocharged engine. It is recommended to upgrade the cross-stick if you need to make many hp. Often the skewer is made for medium power.

    Lateral gas port - Ensure superior piston ring sealing by increasing the gas pressure behind the piston rings. Recommended only for the racing engine as the gas ports can quickly become clogged. Also wears extra on the piston rings.

    When you call, it's a good idea to have the following information ready from your car:
    Make / model
    Engine code


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    Wiseco Piston Pin - 22 x 60 x 10.57mm SW 9310 Piston Pin

    From €39,72 incl tax

    Wiseco Piston Kit Seat Toledo VW 1.8T 20V Turbo 1.8L 4 cyl.

    €782,34 incl tax €688,13 incl tax

    Mercedes M102.962 - Special made JE pistons - With skirt coating

    Set of 4
    €1896,56 incl tax €1845,54 incl tax

    BMW M50B28/M52B28

    Engine kit for BMW M50B28/M52B28
    €1703,88 incl tax