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High-quality analog tachometer

Tachometer for tuning, drifting, and motorsport. We have several types of tachometers that are universal and can be used in all types of cars. Mounting the rev counter is very easy, it must have a kl15 / ignition plus and a ground wire. And a cable must be mounted on the car's ignition coil or from the engine control. There is also a tachometer for diesel, which comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

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3.75 "RPM - racelook and shift-light

Revolving counter with shitlight and with a cheeky racelook.
From €36,98

5 "RPM - Autogauge

Tachometer for mounting during instrumentation.
From €42,02

Autogauge tachometer - Black

Super good speed counter from Autogauge.

Rpm - 52mm. - Smoke

52mm. speedometer for mounting in or at the dashboard, for gasoline engine.
€57,14 €37,82

Autogauge - Tachometer - White - 52mm.

52mm. tachometer for mounting in the dashboard of the car.

Autogauge - Tachometer - White - 52mm. - Diesel

52mm. speedometer for mounting in the dashboard of the car on diesel cars

Autogauge tachometer - Dark

Speedometer from Autogauge in black with dark silver edge and stepper motor technology. Cheap high quality tachometer from Autogauge.
€70,59 €67,09

3.75" Tachometer - Autogauge

Tachometer for mounting during instrumentation.
€80,67 €46,22

Tachometer - Black - 52mm. - Diesel

52mm. black tachometer for diesel cars.

Autometer Tach Filter Adapter


5 ”Speedometer silver - with shift light

5 "RPM counter silver - with shift light
€369,76 €302,53