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    BMW Tuning - Everything gathered here for BMW

    Below you will find a wide range of parts for BMW tuning. If you want a new sports exhaust, a turbo thrown in or a new blow off valve installed, you will find it all here. We also have cool downpipes and pipe tails. The parts fit a wide range of BMW series and chassis, such as e46, e36, e30, e90, e60, e39, e91, m4, m5, 330e, 545e, f10, f11, x3, m3.

    BMW M20 - Here is a little description of how I built my own BMW. However, it has not been updated for a long time.

    BMW M50 / M52 / M54 - Here's how to mount the turbo and what changes are needed in the engine.

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    EGR eliminator for BMW E60 E61 E61N 520i 525d 530d 535d

    Remove EGR with this kit for BMW - Available right now in black
    €66,39 incl tax

    Oil supply kit for VAG 1.8T / BMW M20 / BMW M50 / VR6

    110cm. hose. - Nipples: 1/8 "-27 NPT + M12x1.25 + M12x1.5 to AN4
    €66,93 incl tax

    12x1.5 Oil Adapter - Outlet

    Oil adapter with 1 / 8-27 NPT socket. Often used for oil hose for turbo or oil temperature sensor.
    €11,40 incl tax

    BMW - N57 DPF OFF - Downpipe

    Clamps and gaskets for this downpipe is shown as related products at the bottom of the page.
    €285,01 incl tax €159,27 incl tax

    BMW E90, E91, E92, E93, E70, E71, E60, E61, E83,

    Clamps and gaskets for the downpipe can be seen under related products at the bottom of the page.
    €285,01 incl tax €200,52 incl tax

    EGR eliminator for BMW

    Remove EGR with this kit for BMW
    €66,39 incl tax

    BMW E36 - 325/328 / M3 1988-2000 - Alu cooler - EXTREME

    Extreme 56mm. core thickness - Alu cooler for BMW 325/328 / M3 with manual transmission.
    €335,31 incl tax

    Downpipe for N47N, N47S1 F07, F10, F11, F20, F21, F25, F30, F31, F32, F33, F34, F36

    Spændebånd og pakning til downpipen kan findes under relaterede produkter nederst på siden!
    €238,07 incl tax

    BMW M50, M52, M54, S50 turbomanifold - T3

    Turbomanifold for BMW with M50 & M52 engine. Cheap high quality turbomanifold.
    €477,82 incl tax

    BMW M20 - Intake manifold

    Complete intake manifold without throttle and fuel rail
    €419,14 incl tax €217,95 incl tax

    Downpipe - BMW E46 318d, 320d M47, M47N

    Downpipe - BMW E46 318d, 320d M47, M47N
    €284,17 incl tax

    BMW E30 E34 E36 E46 E8x E9x Gear shift Short shift - Qualitec CNC

    Incredibly good and stable gearshift for BMW.
    €321,23 incl tax €221,30 incl tax
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