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    SPA Turbo

    SPA Turbo

    SPA Turbo was founded almost 30 years ago and is known worldwide for its high-quality technology, manufacturing, and reliability. Excellent customer service, great technical support, and full guarantees that strengthen the company's philosophy. SPA Turbo has always focused on the high-performance, high-quality automotive component sector. The company is headquartered and headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. Internal engineering, research and development combined with the most modern, advanced manufacturing technology, we develop and manufacture a wide range of forced induction components. Pioneering turbocharger technology items such as turbochargers, turbo sets, inlet, and exhaust manifolds, bypass valves, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, fuel injection components, and all the necessary components for installing components. The company also offers technical support and technical assistance as well as rebuilds and balances turbochargers.


    Today, SPA Turbo is a rapidly expanding international company with US headquarters near Los Angeles and numerous manufacturing facilities. The company exports all over the world.



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    3/8 "connecting rod bolts - SPA turbo

    Strong bolts for H-profile connecting rods or upgrade to original connecting rods.
    €10,19 incl tax €5,36 incl tax

    SPA turbomanifold - 1.8T engine - Down mount - T3 flange

    €308,27 incl tax

    SPA turbo - Adjustable Petrol Pressure Regulator - BMW mm.

    Adjustable Petrol Pressure Regulator suitable for eg BMW.
    €77,74 incl tax