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    A relay is a crucial element in car tuning as it acts as an electrical switch that controls power to various car components. When it comes to tuning, it is important to have reliable and efficient relays to ensure optimal power management. These parts are responsible for controlling important functions, such as ignition, fuel pumps, cooling fans and more. By using high quality relays you can improve your car's performance, efficiency and safety. Relays with a built-in fuse are easy to install as you do not have to have a fuse holder next to the relay.

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    Work relay - Relay with built-in fuse

    Relay with built-in fuse for 12v.
    From €3,22 incl tax

    Electric thermostat controlled relay kit - 85 degrees

    Relay kit with temperature sensor that started eg cooling fan at 85 degrees.
    €32,06 incl tax

    Work relay - Relay 40 AMP

    Relay for 12v.
    From €4,83 incl tax

    TYTXRV 8-channel DC 12V 30A relay module with fuses

    Super fin relæboks der er smart og nem at lave rigtig fin ledningsarbejde med.
    €69,60 incl tax