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Pipe tails for cars - Vibrant Performance and Simon's exhaust

Below you will find cheap universal tailpipes for cars. They give a really good look to the car. Pipe tails are used to get a nice finish by "low self exhaust". Find more parts for universal exhaust such as cheap stainless steel exhaust pipes and stainless steel pipe bends.

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Pipe Tails from Vibrant Performance

Top quality pipe tails.
From €35.28

Simons - Rondo Twin Exit Pipe - U176300

Twin discharge pipe - 63mm. connection

Oval Exit Pipe

Oval profile 85/150 mm. in 2 ", 2½" and 3 ".
From €67.20

Round Exit Pipe

Round discharge pipe in 2 "and 2½".
From €20.03

"Eclipse" pipe tail

Oval tailpipe in 2 "and 2½". Fine tailpipe that can be used for finishing specially made exhaust.
From €24.86

Round discharge tube XL

Round discharge tube XL in 2-3½ ".
From €30.78

Eclipse tailpipe - For dual exhaust

Oval tailpipe tailing so it can be mounted on each side of the car.
From €57.96

"Quattro" Exit Pipe

Quattro Exhaust Pipes in 2 "and 2½"
From €26.75