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    Uniballs / Rod ends

    Rod ends, adapters, adjustable tubes, uniballs and chassis steel tubes are all components that can be found in the powertrain of a car and help to improve the performance and stability of the vehicle. These parts work together to create strong and flexible connections between the engine, transmission and wheels, ensuring smooth power transfer and better road contact.
    Rod ends and uniballs are ball joints that provide adjustability and flexibility in connections and reduce shock and vibration, resulting in better control and comfort. Adapters and adjustable tubes are used to adjust the length and angles of drivetrain components, allowing the car's handling and response to be fine-tuned.
    Chassis steel tubes are solid components that form the foundation of the powertrain and help maintain the car's structural integrity. Together, all these parts play an important role in optimizing the car's powertrain and improving its performance and handling.

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    Spherical bearing 18mm

    €25,86 incl tax

    Uniball cup 18mm to Spherical bearing

    OD -43mm ID - 35mm Height - 35mm
    €23,73 incl tax

    Steel tube straight - 25x2,5mm Heavy duty

    ID : 20mm. Length : 0,98m.
    €26,81 incl tax

    Steel tube straight - 28x3mm SBF approved

    ID : 22mm. Length : 0,98m.
    €26,81 incl tax
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