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    Oil temperature gauge

    Cheap analog oil temperature gauge

    Oil temperature gauge for mounting in a car or motorcycle, etc. These oil temperature sensors are often used in connection with motorsport, drifting, and race. Our meter is included with a sensor for mounting. It is recommended to mount in a sump as it has the most precise oil temperature, however, they can also be mounted in an oil sandwich or similar.

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    Autogauge Oil Temp Gauge - Smoke

    Oil temp gauge from Autogauge in really nice design and quality.
    €57,54 incl tax €40,10 incl tax

    Autogauge Oil Temperature Meter - Black

    Black oil temp gauge from Autogauge.
    €33,53 incl tax €22,67 incl tax

    Autogauge oil temperature gauge - Digital

    52mm oil temperature gauge from Autogauge
    €60,22 incl tax €50,30 incl tax

    Electrical oil & water temperature gauge sensor

    Sensor for Autogauge water temperature gauge
    €10,06 incl tax

    AEM X-Series Gauge Faces 30-0302-ACC

    Quality GAUGE Face from AEM
    €21,80 incl tax

    Innovate MTX-D: Oil Pressure & Temperature - 3913

    Oil pressure gauge & oil temperature in the same watch for mounting in the car.
    €279,98 incl tax

    Autogauge Oil Temperature Meter - Dark

    Autogauge oil temperature gauge in black with dark silver edge and stepper motor technology. Cheap oil temperature measures in high quality from Autogauge.
    €70,41 incl tax €50,30 incl tax

    AEM X-Series Temperature Gauge - 30-0302

    Quality Temperature Gauge from AEM
    €285,01 incl tax

    Digital Transmission Temperature Sender Manifold

    AN10 (7/8"x14 UNF) for the ports. Sending Unit Thread Size: 1/8 in. NPT
    €35,21 incl tax

    Autogauge Oil Temperature Meter - White

    White oil temp gauge from Autogauge.
    €44,13 incl tax €37,42 incl tax