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Fuel systems - High-quality parts for building fuel systems

If you need a new fuel system, because the engine has been upgraded with turbo, or you drive some kind of motorsport, then we can help you. It's important to know how much you want your system to be able to deliver for an extended period. So your sure you can provide enough fuel for a stable performance even at maximum use.
If your planning on participating in any form of motorsports, we recommend the use of a surge tank, to guarantee stable fuel pressure in the nozzle bridge. In the menu "fuel kits", you will find complete upgrade sets for your system, that included petrol tank, fuel pump, hoses and fittings. An easy, fast and safe way to start your upgrade build.

We also offer a lot of different fuel pumps, for both extern and intern use. As examples, the Bosch 044 fuel pump often used for high-performance cars, as it can deliver up to 600 horsepower. For intern use, the GSS342 is incredibly popular and delivers up to 500 horsepower, or the AEM pump that goes up to 1000 horsepower. 

Our fuel hoses are very high-quality steel-reinforced or nylon reinforced hoses, that can handle petrol, diesel, methanol, e85, e10, motor oil and cooling liquids.

If you need a fuel pressure regulator that's high quality, stable and robust we can recommend the Qualitec A1000 or Qualitec CNC-models. 

The majority of our fuel-nozzles are imported from the USA and are of the highest quality. Many with the same sizes and dimensions as Bosch nozzles. It's very important the fuel nozzles can provide enough fuel through the fuel rail, and here its often a good idea to use a nozzle bridge to feed the system from both sides of the rail.

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Cut - Make your own thread with threaded cutter

Cut thread for making threads. Choose from several types. Or contact us if you can't find the model you need.
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