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    Water injection kit

    Water injection kit

    Below you will find water injection kits that can be used on cars or tractor units that make between 150-1500 hp. Qualitec is happy to help you find the kit that best suits your needs.

    Multiple size nozzles for water injection

    You can get several different sizes of nozzles water injection kits. Below you will also find the nozzles that are delivered and which fit directly into all kits. is happy to help with online ordering, so feel free to call and hear more about our cheap water injection kit. 

    Water injection systems for cooling

    A water injection system is made to cool the engine's intake air with water/alcohol - A mixture of 50/50%. The water and alcohol are injected into the intercooler and before the throttle, when injected through a properly sized nozzle, it is made into a mist of very small water pearls and sent into the combustion chamber. It cools both intake air, manifold, and cylinder and thus provides very stable combustion in all cylinders.

    If you want the best possible cooling of the intake temperature, you must run both intercooler and water injection. Always remember that the system must not be run empty as this can damage your engine if it does not get the necessary cooling. 

    When you install water injection, you must have adjusted the mixture, ie the amount of petrol that is injected. By adding water and alcohol, the mixture becomes fatter and the amount of petrol must be reduced.

    We have even tested a VW Golf 4 with div. upgrades. Here, the power before the installation of water injection fluctuated between 193-213hp. - So very unstable. After mounting and adjusting the mixture and ignition, the car constantly had 230hp. Scrolling after scrolling. In other words, a power increase of up to 37hp. - That's really nice.

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    AEM H2O Extra Nozzle Kit - 30-3315

    Water/Methanol Injection Kit, Includes Interchangeable Swirl Generators for 250cc, 500cc, & 1000cc of Flow, T Fitting and Hose
    €80,42 incl tax

    AEM Water Injection Pump - 30-3015

    Water injection pump
    €201,04 incl tax

    AEM Water injection up to 2.5 bar charge pressure - 30-3300

    Kit that can be used for charging pressures up to 2.5 bar.
    €482,50 incl tax

    AEM V2 One Gallon Water/Methanol Injection Kit - Multi Input - AEM 30-3350

    The AEM Water Injection Kit is a safe and economical way to reduce air inlet temperatures to increase boost pressure for more power. Lower air inlet temperatures allow users to advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. This is the most complete kit available on the market straight out of the box- no additional parts required.
    €589,18 incl tax

    AEM High-Flow Low-Current WMI Solenoid

    AEM Water/Methanol Solenoid is a 2-way, normally closed 12V valve with stainless steel body for use with AEM Water/Methanol Injection Systems. The shut-off valve provides an accurate and consistent shut off and prevents siphoning under vacuum.xx
    €160,30 incl tax

    AEM container 1 gallon (3.78 liters) - 30-3325

    Used for water injection. Container size: 20.3 * 10.1 * 7.6cm.
    €113,25 incl tax

    AEM Electronics Water/Methanol Injection Filters

    €74,52 incl tax

    Water injection nozzle

    Water injection nozzle - Choose from several sizes.
    From €42,35 incl tax

    Water injection Stage2

    Kits typically used for charge pressures above 1 bar.
    €514,13 incl tax

    Water injection Stage2 - Diesel

    Stage2 water injection for diesel engine.
    €640,65 incl tax