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Steel Top Gasket & cutting ring gasket

Below you will find top packs, we have items. Cometic steel gasket & cutting ring gasket from Athena. All brands are of the highest quality and it is typically only the price that distinguishes them from each other.

Cutting ring gasket VS Steel top gasket

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of packaging. We have sold a lot of both types and therefore we can recommend both types. But with a steel top gasket, you have the option of choosing the thickness you want so you can get the compression you want, the gasket fits perfectly with the bore the cylinder has so that no edges occur inside the combustion chamber. The steel top gasket can also be recycled in some cases. The disadvantage of a steel top gasket is that it is easier to become leaky, where oil and water can get between one of the several layers of steel. So when fitting a steel top gasket, it is a great advantage to get the block and the top piece flat - so both surfaces are 100% straight.

The cutting ring is also really good, drive even with it in my own BMW with an M20 engine. Cutting ring gasket can be mounted without having to mill grooves in the cylinder head or block. The gasket is more flexible and fits really well between the block and the top piece without them being level. The cutting ring gasket is not available in many different sizes and thicknesses and it will make an "edge" at the end of the cylinder wall at the top - However, we have never experienced that it has become a problem and we can only recommend this type of gasket as they work really well!

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Head gasket for 1.8T

Steel roofing for VAG 1.8T

Cometic Head Gasket BMW M20B25 / B27 MLS 85.00mm 3.05mm

€375,81 €168,07