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    adjustable cam wheels

    Adjustable cam wheel

    The reason for mounting an adjustable cam wheel is to make a possible sharp cam stand 100% as you would like. Normally you can only adjust between one tooth to another. But an adjustable beat wheel allows you to adjust down to 1 degree of crank loss or less. You can also adjust the suction cam and the exhaust cam so that they open a little sooner or later, so you can get more power/torque at the top or bottom of the revs. It is optimal to try a little back and forth on a scroll bar so you can see the slightest effect change.

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    Adjustable camshaft for 7M-GTE

    Adjustable camshaft for Toyota. Adjustable cam wheel fits the following engine codes: 7M-GTE
    €214,44 incl tax

    Camshaft BMW M20 - Nuke performance

    Adjustable roof wheel for BMW M20
    €192,46 incl tax

    Camshaft Volvo 8v / 16v round teeth - Nuke performance

    Adjustable roof wheels for Volvo 8v / 16v round teeth
    €154,80 incl tax

    X18XE / X20XEV / Z20LET

    Adjustable camshaft for Opel. These adjustable cam wheels fit the following engine codes: X18XE / X20XEV / Z20LET
    €268,05 incl tax


    Adjustable camshaft for Opel. This adjustable cam wheel fits the following engine code: X20XER
    €205,87 incl tax