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JE Pistons - JE forged stamps

Jp pistons have been used for many years and for motorsport and extreme tuning. Many have very good experience with forged pistons from JE and these are also pistons that we can warmly recommend to anyone who needs to have the engine rebuilt and tuned the car. When fitting pistons, it is important to check and adjust the ring gap to the power and type of tuning/fuel the engine should run on. When you buy Je-stamps, it is possible to buy a coating on the top and side of the stamp. Top coating rejects the heat that will otherwise be absorbed in the piston. The coating on the side of the piston means that there is less friction between the piston and the cylinder wall. It is also possible to get a cross-stick that is thicker and thus stronger if you have to drive with high power and charging pressure.


With this technology, there is lower friction between the piston and cylinder wall as well as less weight on the piston.

We sell the full catalog of JE stamps - so you are very welcome to call or write to us so that we can find the set of stamps you need.

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JE pistons - item no: 297179 - M50b30

Special items.

JE-Pistons Custom Volvo 1.7L 8V (B18FT) Turbo (8.5: 1) 81.50mm + th

Custom piston with top coating - WCA17128

Special pistons for M50B30 / M54B30

Special pistons for BMW M50 / M54