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    Wheel spacer

    Wheel spacer for the car - Track width increase

    !! NOTE: The price is for 2 spacers !!

    Below you will find wheel spacers for cars. You will find different models and thicknesses that change the track width of the car.
    The purpose of mounting a wheel spacer is to increase the track width of the car. This allows for mounting of larger alloy wheels as there is further into the wheelhouse, this is often used in motorsports such as drifting. Spacer for a car can also be fitted if you have bought some alloy wheels that do not sit completely out at the fender edge, here you can move the rim further out.

    You should have the car tracked after fitting the spacer.
    When fitting the spacer, change the tracking of the undercarriage. For this, you should have a 4-wheel measurement made. If you don't you will wear your tires up too fast.

    Is it dangerous to mount spacers?

    No, it is not dangerous to mount wheel spacers. The load from the wheel is transferred to the axle/hub through the spacer and not through the wheel bolts. If the wheel nuts are not tightened correctly, the wheel will fall off, but it would also, even if no spacer was fitted.

    Delivery time on spacers that are NOT in stock is approx. 7-10 days.

    The BASIC series is our simplest review system. There are only 4 or 5 bolt holes in the washer that are accurate for passing the dedicated bolts through. The centering collar ensures that the rim is mounted in the correct position. Available disc thickness from 12 to 30 mm

    PERFORMANCE series is an advanced crawl system. There are 2 or 3 bolt spacing configurations on each disc. It makes a series more universal, adapted to a different car model. Multiple holes also reduce the overall weight of spacers. Available disc thickness from 5 to 30 mm

    The PERFORMANCE + series is an ultra-light throughput system. Its influence on the weight of the car is negligible. Proposed and dedicated to sports cars. Available disc thickness from 12 to 30mm. 


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    Aluminium Wheel nuts - M12*1.5 - RED

    Total length 52mm.
    €2,52 incl tax

    Aluminium Wheel nuts - M12*1.5 - Bronze

    Total length 52mm.
    €2,52 incl tax

    Aluminium Wheel nuts - M12*1.5 - Blue

    Total length 52mm.
    €2,52 incl tax

    Aluminium Wheel nuts - M12*1.5 - Black

    Total length 52mm.
    €2,52 incl tax

    Wheel Studs M12*1.5 - 78mm

    Total length 90mm.
    €4,36 incl tax

    Wheel bolt - M14 spherical - M14x1.5x45

    M14 spherical wheel bolt - M14x1.5x45
    €5,64 incl tax €1,68 incl tax

    Screw studs - M14x1.5

    Length: 80mm
    €4,70 incl tax €2,01 incl tax