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    Here you will find performance parts, that will fit your car. We've tried to gather all the information about what parts fit on what cars. We are not equally experienced in all car brands, but we have years of mechanical experience and understanding of tuning and upgrading cars. So more often then not, we will be able to guide you safely through your purchase. Qualitec has been tuning cars since 2008 and used to do custom builds and projects for customers. Since then we redirected our focus to supplying high-quality products at good prices.  

    If you're unable to find the products that you're looking for, your more then welcome to contact us, and we will do your very best to assist you.

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    Connector for FSI / TFSI - 3.5mm. pin

    Complete kit (Connectors, plugs and rubber caps) Fits the ignition coil with the "large" connector. Used for example when installing programmable motor control and TFSI ignition coils.
    €6,04 incl tax

    BMW - N57 DPF OFF - Downpipe

    Clamps and gaskets for this downpipe is shown as related products at the bottom of the page.
    €285,32 incl tax €159,45 incl tax

    Oil supply kit for VAG 1.8T / BMW M20 / BMW M50 / VR6

    110cm. hose. - Nipples: 1/8 "-27 NPT + M12x1.25 + M12x1.5 to AN4
    €67,00 incl tax €50,35 incl tax

    TFSI ignition coils - 0 221 604 800 Bosch - Red

    Powerful ignition coil for TFSI from Bosch
    From €36,92 incl tax
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