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    Hose connectors - Black

    Hose connectors - Black

    High-quality hose connectors, made from aluminum. The connectors are barbed, making it hard to disconnect the hoses once they are attached. Well suited for all of our hoses types except PTFE and teflon hoses that are made of hard plastic, and won't create a tight seal.

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    Straight AN6 - For 9.52mm hose - Black

    €6,97 incl tax

    Straight AN8 - For 9.52mm hose - Black

    €7,51 incl tax

    Hose Finish -HEX finishers

    Make a nice finish on your hose that is mounted on a hose nozzle.
    From €4,18 incl tax

    Aluminum hose collector - Black

    Hose collectors for connecting hoses easily and quickly
    From €5,63 incl tax
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