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AEM Accessories

Below you will find parts that are typically used for mounting AEM engine management. There is everything from the AEM map sensor, water temperature sensor, and electronic charge pressure valve.

If you need help selecting parts for your AEM engine management, please feel free to contact Qualitec.

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Work relay - Relay with built-in fuse

Relay with built-in fuse for 12v.
From €6,05


Water temperature sensor for programmable motor control. This sensor is often used for e.g. Vems, Megasquirt and AEM engine control


Air Temperature Sensor / IAT. Often used when mounting programmable motor controls such as Vems, Megasquirt and AEM engine control.

AEM map sensor - High quality

Map sensor used in connection with AEM-EMS-4 engine control. This map sensor is of very high quality and finish.
From €187,59

AEM MAP/PSIa Sensors

Map sensor used in connection with AEM-EMS-4 engine control.
From €87,41

AEM 4 channel ignition driver

AEM Ignition driver / clamp for controlling ignition coils.

AEM boost valve - 30-2400

AEM electronic boost valve
€141,20 €120,35

Throttle sensor / TPS sensor for dampers

TPS sensor for dampers DCOE / IDF / IDA

TPS sensor / Throttle sensor for dampers

TPS sensor incl. accessories / fittings for dampers DCOE / IDF / IDA

Flex fuel sensor - VEMS - ECU MASTER, Megasquirt etc.

Flex fuel sensor for programmable engine control.
€151,28 €100,85

AEM Electronics Ethanol Content Sensors 3/8" Barb - 30-2200

Sensor to AEM Wideband

AEM Ethanol Content Sensors -6 AN - 30-2201

Sensor to AEM Wideband

Bosch LSU 4.2 Replacement O2 Sensor

Replacement O2 Sensor form AEM Wideband

AEM X-Series Gauge Faces 30-03001-ACC

Quality GAUGE Face from AEM

AEM Wideband UEGO Sensors

Choose from several models. With or without plugs.
From €134,14