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    AN Banjo fitting - Blue Alu

    AN Banjo fitting - Blue Aluminum

    Banjo fittings for fuel systems etc. They are lightweight banjo bolts/fittings are very high quality and high throughput. As such they are often used in the plane industry, and other high demand applications.
    Qualitec has a lot of different types of banjo fittings, for example for fuel and oil hoses.
    They are typically in stock and can be shipped within 24hrs of ordering.

    All our banjo fittings are made of aluminum, with anodized surface treatment, in multiple colors that give a nice look, and resistance to corrosion.


    Banjo fittings are available with several types of thread, both metric and UNF. 
    As the difference between the two types is small, it's advantageous to measure the thread before ordering.


    Remember to order our aluminum gaskets for your banjo fittings. You need two pieces for each banjo fitting.

    If you're unable to find the AN Banjo fitting you need, your welcome to contact us for help.

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    AN Plastic Plug - Red

    From €0,54 incl tax

    AN Threaded plastic plug - Red

    From €0,54 incl tax

    Banjo bolt - Aluminum gasket

    Here you see aluminum gasket rings for AN-banjo fittings.
    From €1,07 incl tax

    Banjo bolt - Blue aluminum

    Banjo bolt - Blue aluminum
    From €8,04 incl tax

    Banjo bolt - M10x1.5 - Blue aluminum

    Length from bolt head: 23mm.
    €8,04 incl tax

    Banjo eye - Blue alu

    Banjo eye - Blue aluminum
    From €1,34 incl tax


    From €2,68 incl tax