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Vibrant Performance Air Filter

In this product group, you can find various air filters from Vibrant Performance for tuning your particular car. What you see is the entire Vibrant Performance range of air filters. These air filters are of really good quality, we have great success with them as the price is low and works really well. It is very important for your engine that it can get all the air it can draw in. If you have an air filter that makes resistance, you will lose power as it will then "pull" after the air. If you choose a filter with an inverted funnel, the surface that can be sucked air from becomes larger and thus you get less resistance in the air filter. The vibrant performance made aluminum funnels which increase the flower, even more, these funnels are made very large, so you need a special filter for this, you will also find it below. You are more than welcome to write an email for both model and price.

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Aluminum Funnels for Air Filter - Vibrant Performance

Aluminum funnels for top quality air filters
From €70,51

High performance open funnel air filter - Vibrant Performance

High-performance open-air air filters with top quality.
From €81,18

Intake Flanges - Vibrant Performance

Flanges for air filters in aluminum.
From €30,15

Classic High Performance Air Filters - Vibrant Performance

Top quality classic air filters.
From €82,57

Crankcase Breather Filters - Vibrant Performance

Quality filters for crankcase venting.
From €16,70