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    Cooler hose

    Brake cooling is an important factor in optimizing braking, especially in high-performance cars where the brakes generate significant heat during heavy use. Cooling hoses, such as flex hoses, can direct cool air to the brake components to prevent overheating and improve braking efficiency.
    In general, cooling hoses are essential to maintain a stable temperature in the car's various systems and prevent overheating, which can lead to reduced performance and damage to the engine and other components. By improving cooling through the use of efficient cooling hoses, tuners can optimize the car's performance and durability.

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    3" Suction hose - Air intake pipe

    Flex hose for suction or cooling of brakes.
    €13,40 incl tax

    Break cooler kit Ø76mm. - Incl. 1 meter hose

    €61,66 incl tax

    Break cooler kit Ø89mm. - Incl. 1 meter hose

    €68,63 incl tax