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    MagnaFlow Denmark - Quality Exhaust

    Long-lasting exhaust rear and middle pots from MagnaFlow are made of strong stainless steel in the best quality. All joints are fully welded to provide the best durability and longevity, even in harsh conditions.
    The two-component sound-absorbing material is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. It consists of stainless wool inside the core where it is warmest, and a tightly packed sound-absorbing fiber material around it, to give an even deep sound, and the same good sound-absorbing property throughout its life.
    The inner tube is made of perforated stainless steel, which goes straight through the pot, this provides a better flow rate, and thus higher engine performance and less heat generation.

    Mounting Magnaflow pots

    The end pot of the muffler is slightly conical and has a smuggled oversize so that the piping can easily be pushed a few centimeters into the end tube of the pot. This means that it is not so easy to burn through when the exhaust pipe is welded to the muffler. You thus achieve the best flow, now that the pipe is not filled with welding burrs. It also makes it easier to weld, even for the untrained, and there is room for a good and full weld seam.
    If you want to make joints directly on the muffler, which can later be separated, you can use some of our exhaust clamps.
    (NOTE our pipe collector adapter cannot be used directly on the muffler end pipe). If you want to use our transition piece, we recommend that you weld a piece of stainless steel pipe on the muffler and make the assembly a short distance from the muffler.

    Often you may need to change the pipe diameter, for that we can offer stainless pipe reduction.

    If you make the exhaust system larger and thus heavier, it is recommended to improve the exhaust suspension. For this, you can use our rubber suspension and associated stainless steel bar.


    Close to the engine, it may be a good idea to use a stainless flex pipe so that torque and vibration from the motor are reduced by acceleration. This prevents the exhaust pipe or muffler from going towards the bottom of the car.

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    1984-1987 BMW 325 2.7L - Magnaflow Catback exhaust

    Complete Cat back exhaust for 1984-1987 BMW 325 2.7L
    €815,67 incl tax

    1985-1988 BMW 535 3.5L - Magnaflow Catback exhaust

    Complete Cat back exhaust for 1985-1988 BMW 535 3.5L
    €948,38 incl tax

    1987-1993 BMW 325 - Magnaflow Catback exhaust

    Complete Cat back exhaust for 1987-1993 BMW 325
    €836,17 incl tax

    1991-1995 BMW 525i 2.5L - Magnaflow Catback exhaust

    Complete Cat back exhaust for 1991-1995 BMW 525i 2.5L
    €1093,13 incl tax
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