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    Design Engineering, Inc

    For 25 years, Design Engineering, Inc. has ™ been known for producing some unique quality products of exhaust packaging.


    The late Dale Markley, a well-known and long-standing veteran in the performance industry, founded DEI in 1995. Dale and his wife Nancy formed the company with a vision to develop dynamic solutions for the racing and performance industry's ongoing battle with underhood, power- robs heat problems. The business was started in a small space located in Cleveland, Ohio, bag and grocery store, and within a few years it had to double the space. Before Dale's death in 2001, he and Nancy worked together to take DEI and its "Thermal Tuning Products" to a whole new level.
    Driven by success and further growth, it was necessary to expand operations, and in late 2004, DEI moved from its leased location to the newly acquired complex, which houses office, warehousing and manufacturing activities. The new facility gave DEI ample room for future expansion, and in fact, production and inventory expansion plans were quickly underway.

    Today, DEI is bigger, stronger and "cooler" than ever. With Dale's son David at the helm, the family is committed to continuing Dale's vision of moving DEI forward by developing and improving products to ensure they remain industry leaders.

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    Power wrap - Titanium 10m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €53,61 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 15m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €73,72 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 15m - DEI

    25.4mm wide
    €56,29 incl tax

    Power wrap - Titanium 30m - DEI

    51mm wide
    €120,63 incl tax