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    Today, there are few challenges that are as important as creating solutions that support a cleaner and more energy-efficient world. This requires a commitment to constantly improve the transportation of people and things.
    BorgWarner committed decades ago and has since created technologies to improve efficiency, emissions, and performance in all types of vehicles.

    BorgWarner has quickly become a leader in combustion - hybrid and electric vehicles, due to their history and good results on the test tracks. They use science and the latest technology to meet a future based on different regulations, consumer requirements, and car manufacturer requirements.

    Their employees have achieved reliable partnerships with customers and suppliers around the world. They take advantage of these conditions to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that constantly arise and then do what is required to develop and improve the next solution. Their strong operational and commercialization expertise results in a large inventory of competitive and efficient products that can truly make a difference.

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    Airwerks turbo - SX300E

    BotgWarner turbocharger with option to select extraction housing to suit your engine.
    €871,14 incl tax

    K03 - 1.8 TFSI upgrade turbo

    With this K03 upgrade turbo you can make your TFSI engine deliver up to 260 hp.
    From €798,77 incl tax

    K04 Cupra - TFSI turbo

    With this K04 Cupra turbo you can make your TFSI engine deliver up to 350+ hp.
    From €911,34 incl tax

    PORSCHE 911 TURBOCHARGER KKK K27 / 7200 - 53279887200

    From 2.0 - 3.5 liter engine To external wastegate
    €1120,42 incl tax

    Turbo - 230hp 3K K04-15 Upgrade

    Original 3K Upgrade turbo for 1.8T 20V 150 / 163hp. Turbo fits on AUDI / VW / SEAT / SKODA with longitudinal engine.
    €1031,96 incl tax €938,15 incl tax

    Turbo - 240hp 3K K16

    From 1.4 - 2.0 liter engine. With wastegate and actuator
    €664,21 incl tax

    Turbo - 310hp 3K K04-64 Upgrade

    Original 3K Upgrade turbo for 2.0TFSI 185 / 200hp. Turbo fits on AUDI / VW / SEAT / SKODA with transverse motor.
    €1119,88 incl tax

    BorgWarner actuator mounting bracket

    Mounting bracket for actuator on BorgWarner turbochargers.
    €16,08 incl tax

    New original turbocharger - 53269880004

    Original turbo in the highest quality.
    €895,91 incl tax