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    VEMS - Engine Controls That Work

    Qualitec is proud to present Versatile Engine Management System v3 developed by the VEMS Group. This VEMS ECU (Genboard as it was originally called) started out as a DIY project for car interested enthusiasts and has grown to a level where VEMS is a real threat to the established programmable control manufacturers. It offers an unprecedented level of performance and versatility, but still a very affordable system.

    VEMS (Versatile Engine Management System) programmable engine management system is what the name promises, it is a versatile management system that can be used for independent control and can replace virtually all OEM, controls and handle many motor parameters and functions, such as Knast tuner digital/analog, nitrous oxide control, high-quality wideband steering, Knock control and exhaust gas temperature with alarm and automatic adjustment of turbo pressure and addition of more fuel to secure the engine against overloading/burning. At its simplest, it may be possible to configure the VEMS to handle mono point injection systems while using the original narrowband Lambda sensors.

    It's more than just another fuel injection computer. It can control sequential injection and ignition of up to 8 cylinders, complete with a 2-channel wideband lambda controller. It has features and performance that are only found in ECUs many times its price, and it can be configured with laptops or by directly connecting a keyboard and LCD screen. All firmware and software for updating/optimization is free and can be downloaded online. There will be new firmware approx. four times a year with new Buckles features that are freely downloaded and installed.

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    Complete connector with connector for Vems

    Connectors and connectors for Vem's motor control.
    €46,91 incl tax

    Jack to Vems

    Legs for Vem's engine control.
    €0,40 incl tax

    VEMS 700 KPA map sensor - 0-5 volts

    €61,12 incl tax

    Whose Bluetooth module

    Bluetooth module for Vem's engine control, cool module that allows to see a lot of data on his mobile, shows div. parameter from the engine control.
    €63,80 incl tax

    Whose motor control

    Very fine motor control with lots of cool race features! Easy setup and plenty of support to get the engine control running.
    €471,25 incl tax

    Exhaust sensor, EGT sensor - Whose motor control

    True sensor for Vem's engine control, measures the exhaust temperature.
    €73,72 incl tax