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    K1 Technologies

    K1 Technologies

    With many years in the design, construction, and manufacture of connecting rods and crankshafts, we will do our best to provide you with world-class products and customer service.

    Our commitment:
    We at K1 Technologies strive to bring our customers high quality connecting rods at an affordable price while providing world-class customer service. We will treat our customers with respect and realize that it is our privilege to be your source of connecting rods and crankshafts.

    What sets us apart?
    K1 Technologies produces "RACE-READY" rods and cranks at very affordable prices. Our connecting rods and crankshafts are a cut above the average imported rod. They are made to our design and at the same time adhere to some of the strictest accepted tolerances in the racing industry. Our unique design, which is original to the K1 Technologies line with connecting rods, saves weight without sacrificing strength. We only use ARP bolts.

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    K1 - BMW 135mm - H-profile connecting rods

    Quality H-profile connecting rods made of 4340 steel and machined in CNC machine.
    €616,00 incl tax

    K1 Conrod Set Of 6 Toyota 2JZGTE H-Beam 142.00mm

    Connecting Rods
    €942,72 incl tax €696,96 incl tax

    VAG VR6 R32 R36 - 164mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

    K1 164mm. connecting bars that can hold up to 600+ hp.
    €562,93 incl tax

    VAG VR6 2.8L & 2.9L 12V - 164mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

    K1 164mm. connecting bars that can hold up to 600+ hp.
    €804,18 incl tax €750,03 incl tax

    VAG 144mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

    K1 144mm. connecting rods that can hold up to 500+ hp.
    €461,06 incl tax

    BMW M50B28/M52B28

    Engine kit for BMW M50B28/M52B28
    €1467,90 incl tax

    PSA EW10 H-Beam K1 Connecting Rods - Set Of 4

    Citroen, Peugeot. C4, 206 RC 2.0 16v - Engine code: EW10J4S
    €628,27 incl tax €495,38 incl tax