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Athena - World Thermal Unit Company.

Founded in 1973, Athena is a group of 7 companies manufacturing gaskets, technical articles, and metallic components for the industrial and motorcycle sectors.

All Athena products operate in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9002 quality standards. Their main concepts are; reliability, availability, technical development, and continuous improvement.

In the last few years, Athena has set up its "Aftermarket Division", which operates exclusively in the motorcycle sector and produces gaskets, thermal units, and spare parts for every make and model worldwide.
Athena is the market leader in the preparation of packing kits for repairing mopeds, motorcycles, jet skis, outboards, and Harley Davidson, and they offer the most complete range in the world. In addition to gaskets, Athena also offers oil seals and fork oil seals of the original type, bearings, and AP Racing brake pads. Athena is the only company in the world that produces thermal units for scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles and sells them in the original spare parts and track racing markets. In addition to thermal devices, Athena offers a wide range of high-quality complementary products: Extended gears, mufflers, radiators, torque drivers, transmission belts, wheel stiffeners, crankshafts, connecting rods, electronic devices, manifolds, pipe valves, carburetors, and air filters.
Athena also offers a service for recycling worn aluminum cylinders and guarantees the appearance, quality, and finishing of the articles.

A young professional team, up-to-date measuring instruments, and control equipment along with technology and testing of the elements that provide quality, innovation, performance, competitiveness, and reliability on every Athena product. All this to best meet our customers' expectations.

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BMW N54B30 - Athena cutting gasket - 330074R

Cutting ring seal for BMW N54B30 engine. D: 86mm. TH1,5mm. - The picture is an illustration.
€315,17 €302,56

Volvo B230 - Athena MLS

MLS gasket for VOLVO B230 - Athena MLS Head gasket VOLVO 2.3L B230A-E-F-FT - Diameter 97mm. Thickness 1.15mm.

Athena MLS Head gasket VW VR6 D.83,0MM - TH 1,65MM

2.8/2.9L 12v - VR6 - 2.8L 24v - VR6