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    Ford Mondeo V6 biturbo

    Ford Mondeo V6 biturbo

    The car here is built from scratch with a custom made turbo kit. Everything is hand-built and custom made for this car. Equipped with Megasquirt engine management, 2 turbochargers, intercooler, and exhaust manifolds.
    Result: approx. 235 hp. at 0.3 bar charging pressure.

    Here is the front with the intercooler that is being installed.

    Piping to and from the intercooler has been custom made

    Custom exhaust manifold by completion.

    Downpipe is getting low from one turbocharger.

    Here's the front manifold that is being adjusted.

    Exhaust manifolds have been packaged with Powerwrap to keep the heat out of the engine compartment.