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    Toyota Supra MK3 Turbo

    Toyota Supra MK3 Turbo

    Qualitec has custom made an Intercooler system, pressure pipes made with the stainless pipe as well as mounting another type of blow-off valve. And there has been a change to another 700 hp. 320 LPH petrol pump.

    Delicious silicone hose in really good quality. We sell silicone hoses at cheap prices in the webshop.

    As can be seen in the pictures, the stainless steel pipes are TIG welded and then polished up so that it looks really good.

    Another image of fine welds of a pair of stainless steel pipe welds welded together.

    Large intercooler that cools the air really well. The intercooler system is now ready for power up to approx. 500 hp.

    This looks really good when the car is on the floor. Must be seen!

    The stainless steel intercooler tubes are fitted with the breathing tube.

    Here is the fine petrol pump that is mounted. It is fitted with one that can deliver up to 700 hp. Always remember that it is better to mount a petrol pump that is larger than the expected hp you want!