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    Turbo kit - FAQ

    Turbo kit - FAQ

    Answers to frequently asked questions about turbo kits.

    I have a car without a turbo, can you convert it to an engine with a turbo?

    Yes, you can easily. Qualitec has rebuilt many cars with fitted turbo. Without changing parts in the engine, you can typically get up to 50% extra power, with a charge pressure of 0.5 bar.

    How much does it cost to install a turbo kit on my car?

    The price for mounting a turbo kit depends on how many parts there are for your particular car, therefore it can vary from 25,000 and up to DKK 50,000 in starting price for mounting a turbo kit.

    Price Examples:

    VW Golf 4 1.8T - Up to approx. 300 hp.
    Starting price: DKK 25,000 or approx 3360 euros

    VW UP - 50% extra power
    Starting price DKK 29,000 or approx 3900 euros

    BMW 325I - up to approx. 300 hp.
    Starting price DKK 25,000 or approx 3360 euros

    Chevrolet Nubia 1.8
    Starting price DKK 38,000 or approx 5100 euros

    Car with V6 engine where there are not many parts for.
    Starting price DKK 50,000 or approx 6720 euros

    If you want us to make an offer for a turbo kit for your car, it costs a fee of DKK 1000 or approx 135 euros. The fee will be refunded if you choose to buy the offer.


    I have a VAG car and would like a little more hp.



    VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi)

    If you have a VAG car, it is typically possible to have a slightly larger turbocharger fitted that can deliver up to approx. 225 hp. The turbocharger for such a car costs around DKK 4,500 and in addition the car must be "chipped" for the new setup. It is not necessary but recommended to mount a front-mounted intercooler for the setup. If you have decided to have one of the following turbochargers on the car but do not know which one to buy, you can write an email with your number pl. number. Then we will return as soon as possible.

    Turbo that fits the longitudinal engine

    Turbo that fits the transverse engine

    VAG with TFSI engine

    The Turbo kit for the TFSI engine is a bit more expensive than for the older VAG cars. Here you will find some of the turbokit we, can get for VAG cars . If you need a kit for your car, you are welcome to write an email.



    What more do I need for my car? (typically)

    Below is a list of the most commonly used upgrade parts that are used when installing the turbo kit.

    Fuel nozzles For recommended VAG 1.8T use 440/441 ml. nozzles. The BMW M50 is recommended 668 ml.

    Larger fuel pump

    Cometic steel top gasket
    Must be used on BMW M20 / M50

    ARP Top bolts 
    To be used in: BMW M20 / M50

    Stainless steel pipe for intercooler

    T-bolt clamps
    Clamps for intercooler pipes etc.

    Boostcontroller / bleed valve
    If it is not included in the kit (will be on the list) < / p>

    Oil catch tank

    Powerwrap to keep the heat from the exhaust inside

    Powerblanket for turbo, to keep the heat inside in the turbocharger and give up faster spool.

    Turbo spark plugs

    Stainless steel pipes for intercooler and exhaust

    VAG cars - Audi TT 225 hp. air mass sensor
    Must be used for outputs over 250 hp.



    Do I get installation instructions?

    No assembly instructions are not included.



    What do I have to do myself if I want to mount the turbo kit?


    Installing intercooler

    Make stainless steel pipes for the intercooler