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    Engine control FAQ

    Engine control FAQ

    Need to build an engine control system on the car, what engine management would you recommend and what else should I use?

    If you have a car or motorcycle, with or without a pressure charge, I would recommend using VEMS ECU master.

    When choosing engine control, you must be aware of whether the engine control can do what it needs in relation to your car/engine, including you can see which ones to choose if the car, for example, has 8 cylinders or can-bus (for instrumentation or similar .)

    8 cylinder - VEMS
    CAN-BUS - ECU master black *
    Egas - ECU master black *

    * Vems and ECU master classic can also but then it is with external box purchase

    In addition, both ECU master and VEMS can do the same and do the job equally well. The price is a little lower at VEMS - Approx. 500 DKK cheaper.

    For engine control, you must choose to get a "lambda probe with a plug" and remember to buy a nut for a lambda probe.

    For PC-to-engine communication, use a USB serial cable.

    It is highly recommended to use a wiring harness that we make ourselves, they are very easy to install and instructions are included, it is available in small and large models. When you buy the large model pipe network, you get an air and water temperature sensor. See a small wiring harness or a large wiring harness.

    If you are building a new pipe network, you must also use connectors for nozzles and sensors.

    Below is a price example of frequently purchased "kits". (link to the parts can be found above in the text)

    Incl. Std. motor control, lambda probe nut, USB to serial cable, Vems wiring - small, 6 pcs. EV1 connector.

    Is there a Plug and Play engine control for my car?

    Plug and play engine controls are available for many types of cars.

    Megasquirt PNP

    Look at this list to see if there are any Megasquirt suits for your car.
    Megasquirt plug and play.


    If you need an AEM motor control, you are welcome to write an email and we will be happy to give a price.
    You can find their plug and play controls on their website.

    VW / VAG PNP

    If you have a VW, there is a very high probability that we can use a Plug and Playbox called FMJ. The price of such a one is approx. DKK 9,000 + VAT.

    Whose PNP
    If you do not find an engine control for your car on one of the 2 lists, there is a 3rd option. We make a Vems engine control with an adapter plug - Fits all cars!
    The price of such one is typical: Engine control price + 2000 DKK. 
    Customers can supply themselves with plugs for the adapter, which is used the plug where the engine control is normally located, ie you can send the whole motor control and we disassemble the old plug.
    See the picture below.

    VEMS plug and play 

    Do i have Hall (digital) or VR (inductive) sensor?

    Can you make the engine control for an automatic transmission?

    No. Unfortunately. But on some cars, the original engine management can remain seated with original sensors and thus still control the gearbox. However, external boxes have been made that can control the automatic transmission - We here have no experience with this.