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    Sparco SPRINT RS-2.1 - Size 52

    Manufacturers: Motorsport , Sparco
    Ny model af den populære Sparco RS2 dragt fra Sparco
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    FIA 8856-2000

    Sparco SPRINT RS-2.1 Racing Suit Sizing Guide

    This sizing guide will ensure that you get a Sparco racing suit in the best size for you. Measurements should be taken when standing up unless stated otherwise. Please read the instructions thoroughly to ensure you will have the best suit size.

    • Height (cm) – The length from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.
    • Chest (cm) – The circumference of your chest around the largest part. Your arms must be at your sides for this measurement to be accurate.
    • Waist (cm) – The circumference of your waist from the location of your navel.
    • Pelvis (cm) – The circumference of your pelvis around 18-20cm under your waist.
    • Thigh (cm) – The horizontal circumference of the widest part of your thigh. This should be around 10cm from your crotch.
    • Shoulder (cm) – The width of your shoulders from bone to bone whilst your arms are at your sides. This measurement should be taken by another person and the tape measure must be rigid to obtain an accurate measurement.
    • Sleeve (cm) – The outside length of your sleeve from the shoulder bone to the wrist. This measurement should be taken by another person with your arm slightly flexed.
    • Frontal Chest (cm) – The length of the front of your torso from the notch of your neck to the front of your crotch. The tape measure should be rigid and in a vertical position to complete an accurate measurement.
    • External Leg (cm) – The outside length of your leg. This should be measured from your waist to your ankle bone.
    • Internal Leg (cm) –  The inside length of your leg. This should be measured from your crotch to your ankle bone.
    • Back (cm) – The length of your back. This should be measured by another person and taken from the lower vertebra of your neck to your waist.
    • Neck (cm) – The circumference of your neck.
    • Weight (kg) – Your weight whilst wearing minimal clothing (such as undergarments).

    Products specifications
    Size M (52-54)
    Farve Black