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    VAG Diesel tuning - Turbo kit

    VAG Diesel tuning - Turbo kit

    It's very easy to get more power out of a 1.9 TDI engine. All that is needed is a larger turbo, intercooler, sports exhaust, nozzle tips and a chip tuning. Often the car also gets so much more torque that it needs to have a stronger clutch. Diesel cars typically pull really well when they are tuned, this is due to the torque getting far down in the revs and thus you go fast. Even if you optimize your diesel car, it still runs far on the liter and is economical.

    Plug and play turbo up to 200 hp.

    To make approx. 200 hp. you will need a new turbocharger and you will need new nozzle tips, intercooler, turbocharger, larger exhaust and chip tuning. You can use a universal intercooler where you use stainless steel pipes and silicone hoses to build piping with. The turbocharger is very easy to mount as it fits directly on the cylinder head, etc. However, there may be a few small changes.

    Upgrade turbo to 1.9 TDI - Power up to approx. 200 hp.


    Upgrade nozzle injectors to VAG

    To get a good effect on your TDI engine, you need to have some more diesel in the engine's combustion chamber. When you insert the new injectors, you also raise the injection pressure to approx. 240 bar, which also provides more fuel. Standard nozzle pressure is 210 bar.
    You can also upgrade the injection system by putting larger pump elements in the pump, however, this can be a more expensive solution. .

    Upgrade intercooler - Front mounted

    When you mount a larger turbo and increase the charge pressure extra, the air temperature coming out of the turbocharger increases rapidly. It results in you losing power - And that's not what you want. Therefore you mount a larger intercooler - It is a good idea to put it in the front of the car so it gets plenty of cold air. To install an intercooler, use the following: stainless steel pipes and silikoneslanger for piping and stainless steel clamps .

    Intercooler - with good cooling effect


    Downpipe & Sports exhaust - Exhaust with more flow

    There are many who can forget how important it is to shift the exhaust to get more flow. If you do not get it changed to a sports exhaust or get a custom-made stainless steel exhaust, you can get a large back pressure in the exhaust and thus lose a lot of power - Simply because the gases have a hard time getting out. You can find a complete sports exhaust or hand-build it with many of the parts we have on the website.
    It is super important to slate or makes a new downpipe, it must be at least 2.5 "in diameter, however, it is recommended that it is 3" / 76mm. to get the most out of it.

    Exhaust - Here you will find everything you need to build an exhaust system, all in universal parts.

    Simons sports exhaust - Here are many nice complete exhausts that are plug and play

    Magnaflow sports exhaust - This is an expensive exhaust which also has a really nice sound

    Downpipe - Custom made and plug and play tubes


    Clutch - Racer clutch and sports clutch

    It's probably no secret that when you tune your car and it gets a whole lot more power then all parts are also pressed a little more. Therefore, you often need to have it switched to a clutch that can hold some more NM. We have eg Sachs performance racer clutches and we have a complete kit with flywheels, etc. If you can not find a racer clutch for your car, you are very welcome to contact us and we will help you find it.

    Link - Sports and race links


    Chiptuning & amp; OBD tuning which makes all the difference!

    It is alpha omega to get your car adjusted after you have done all the upgrades on your car. It will run much better and it will have all the power it needs. When we make a chip tuning, it is specially made for your setup and software. We have a rolling field that can handle lots of power and equipment to measure the exhaust gases. We have been doing chip tuning for many years and have extensive experience here as ensuring that you get the best product and service.

    Chiptuning - OBD tuning and chip tuning, contact us for a good price!

    Phone: 51810699


    EGR eleminator for 1.9 TDI

    Even if you are not tuning your diesel car, it may still be an idea to put an EGR eliminator on. When you drive with the EGR valve active, a lot of exhaust gases enter the engine and the intake system and it all gets chattered. Therefore, a kit has been developed to remove EGR. There are different models depending on the engine you are going to use it for.

    EGR eliminator - Easy way to remove EGR!


    4 bar map sensor if you need more than 2 bar charge pressure

    If you are driving with more than 2 bar charge pressure, it is recommended to replace the map sensor with a 4 bar map sensor, otherwise, the engine control does not have the option to correct for the extra amount of air coming through the engine.

    4 bars map sensor


    VW Golf 5 TDI - Efficient and cheap tuning!

    Below you see a scroll bar graph from a VW Golf 5 TDI that has a standard 90hp. It has been fitted with an Upgrade turbo, 2.5 "downpipe, front-mounted intercooler, and EGR-delete. Note it still runs with the original clutch, 2" exhaust, and original nozzles.

    You can make such a setup for yourself for approx. DKK 9,000 in pieces