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    VW Corrado G60

    VW Corrado G60

    Qualitec has installed Vems engine control, Special ignition, ignition coils, MSD ignition cables, turbo spark plugs, specially made trigger wheels - 36-1. Larger petrol nozzles are fitted.

    The sequential injection was made for the nozzles via the new Vems engine management.

    A really nice VW Corrado.

    Here you can see a 36-1 trigger wheel specially made in CNC milling machine and lathe.

    Here is a high-speed crankshaft sensor / inductive sensor.

    Specially made MSD spark plug cables made to length so they sit really nicely. As well as cool motorsport ignition coils.


    Powerful motorsport ignition coils that deliver lots of volts and long spark time.