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    Cheap tuning

    How do I get cheap tuning?

    Below we try to describe and guide you through how to get a little extra effect without it having to cost a farm.

    Installing the air filter

    Installing an open-air filter or cold air intake makes it easier for the engine to get air into the cylinder. At the same time, it is a good idea to mount the air filter so that it is cold air that sucks in instead of eg 40-60 degrees air. Here you can see a kit for mounting cold air intake and here you can find various universal air filters. Remember to buy a cleaning fluid kit for the KN filter

    Price from: 375 - 1300 DKK.


    Mounting the oil catch tank

    Get the engine oil vapor away from the intake with an Oil catch tank. The engine releases some fumes which are originally transferred to the engine intake. But by the vapors entering the engine, you lower the octane number and the engine gets easier by igniting. So a very small thing is to mount a cheap Oil catch tank.

    Price from: DKK 395 - 435

    Installation of universal sports catalyst

    By fitting a universal sports catalytic converter, the engine gets easier by "getting rid of the exhaust gas". By reducing the resistance in the original catalyst, the engine gets extra power. There are different types of sports catalyst, 200 cells, and 400 cells. At 200 cells there is the greatest flow through as there is not so much material inside it. however, be aware that 400 cells go through vision more easily. In addition, there are the ceramic catalyst and a metallic catalyst. The metallic catalyst is the one that holds up best to hard loads. Buy cheap sports catalyst

    Price from: 1375 - 2500 DKK.


    Installation of major exhaust/sports exhaust

    It also gives extra power to mount a larger exhaust. You can either make a "build your own exhaust" or buy a complete sports exhaust if it becomes made for just your car. Here you will find parts for building "do it yourself exhaust with stainless steel pipes". Again, by fitting a sports exhaust, you get the extra flow and make the engine easier by getting rid of the exhaust gas.

    Price from: 3000 - 8000 DKK.


    Fitting sharp studs

    When fitting sharp camshafts, change when the engine gets the most air into the cylinder, and for how long. is open to the valves and thus how many hp the engine has. If the camshafts become too sharp, the engine may have an uneven idle. When fitting sharp studs, you have a few options: Have your original studs sharpened or buy new ones.

    Price: New 2975 - 4500 DKK.