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    Guide for 2.0 TFSI tuning

    Guide to 2.0 TFSI tuning

    If you are lucky enough to have a car with a 2.0 TFSI engine, you have a great base for car tuning. If you want to tune it beyond a normal chip tuning there are really good opportunities to get lots of effects. We have made a guide so you know what to use and how to get the most power for the least money. With some fairly simple modifications, you can achieve a great power boost.

    This is how we can best help you!

    - Many people want to know if they have all the parts they need to put a new turbo on their car, if in doubt you can do the following:
    - Make a login on the website - So you are created as a customer
    - All the items you expect to use or are in doubt about using are put in the shopping cart.
    - Send us a mail - I can see the parts you have in the shopping cart as well as add additional parts if you are missing something.

    Step by step guide to what to use for your EA113 with transverse motor

    Bosch MED9 ECU which is the engine management on TFSI engine basically built on the same structure as ME7 ECU which is in the older 1.8T engines. The big difference is that TFSI runs with direct injection (GDI), where the injection of the petrol comes directly into the cylinder with 110 bar. On the older 1.8T engine, the nozzles are located before the valves (in the manifold) so that air and petrol are mixed before it enters the cylinder. The advantage of direct injection is that there is less chance of the ignition knock, lower emissions (pollution). Thus, higher compression ratios and higher combustion temperatures can be allowed. This makes the TFSI engine one of the best engines in the world for a tuned streetcar.
    The first TFSI engine was used in the 2003 Audi A3 and Golf R.

    The TFSI engine is built with 2 different turbochargers, K03 which has a max power of 300 hp. as well as a K04 which can be used up to 400 hp.

    VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat are basically built on the same components with power from 180-270hp.

    AXX = K03 turbo Audi A3, VW Golf 2003-04

    BWA = K03 turbo Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW 2004+

    BYD = K04 turbo VW ED30 & amp; Pirelli edition Golf GTI

    BWJ = K04 turbo Seat Leon Cupra, K1 and Cupra R

    BHZ = k04 turbo early Audi S3

    CDL = k04 vary HP versions found in the Audi S3, Golf R, and Golf ED35

    (camshafts, pistons, connecting rods, and nozzles are different from the different engine codes)

    TFSi K03 turbo setup, AXX BWA engine can be tuned to the following:

    • Stage 1 custom remap 230-250 hp 290-310 lb-ft
    • Stage 1+ custom remap 255-260 hp 335-350 lb-ft
    • Stage 2 custom remap 265-275 hp 315-330 lb-ft
    • Stage 2+ custom remap 275-290 hp 355-360 lb-ft
    • Stage 3 custom remap 330-350 hp 350-370 lb-ft

    Hardware upgrades for the various ECU tunings

    1. Stage 1 = Can be used for all hardware changes as long as the fuel pump and catalytic converter are original.
    2. Stage 1+ = 3 "downpipe, upgraded air filter
    3. Stage 2 = IC - Intake - 3 "downpipe with full performance exhaust
    4. Stage 2+ = Petrol Pump - IC - Intake - 3 "downpipe with full performance equipment
    5. Stage 3 = Stage2 + upgrade parts as well as K04 turbo and S3 nozzles and RS4 pressure valve (079 130 757)
    6. Stage 4 = With upgraded connecting rods, the engine can withstand more power.

    TFSi K04 turbo setup, BYD BWJ BHZ CDL engine can be tuned to the following:

    • Stage 1 custom remap 285-305 hp 290-320 lbft
    • Stage 1+ custom remap 310-325 hp 340-360 lbft
    • Stage 2 custom remap 315-330 hp 320-335 lbft
    • Stage 2+ custom remap 355-370 hp 365-385 lbft
    • Stage 3 custom remap 385-425 hp 390-400 lbft

    Hardware upgrades for the various ECU tunings

    1. Stage 1 = Can be used for all hardware changes as long as the fuel pump and catalytic converter are original.
    2. Stage 1+ = 3 "downpipe, gas pump upgrade, air filter
    3. Stage 2 = IC - Intake - 3 "downpipe with full performance exhaust
    4. Stage 2+ = Petrol pump - IC - Intake - 3 "downpipe with full performance equipment RS4 pressure valve.
    5. Stage 3 = Stage2 + upgrade parts as well as K04 turbo and S3 nozzles and RS4 pressure valve as well as a 155bars pressure valve and water/methanol injection.

    Parts that most often become defective and give less than good results and lost power.

    Blow off the valve located on the turbocharger may be defective when they are the fissure overpressure back in the turbocharger and the engine loses power. The best valve you can mount and hold for the most charge pressure is 06F145710G.

    06F145710G - Strong blow off valve for TFSI

    In PCV (crankcase vent) there is a one-way valve which gets bad, the latest and most powerful is 06F129101R, however, we recommend fitting a Catch tank as the oil vapors do not enter the engine again.

    Under very heavy load, a 5w30 engine oil becomes very thin, the engine can start using oil when it gets hot and pressed, so you can advantageously switch to a 5w40 engine oil.

    For maximum effect on the scroll bar, use V-power, 99 octanes!

    Mounting the Cupra turbocharger

    With a turbocharger from a Cupra that std. has 241 hp. you can achieve up to 350+ hp. it is even completely without cutting out the inside of the engine. We also supply with machined BOV flange so you can use the original blow off valve without having to pull an extra hose that sits on the Cupra model. The turbocharger fits directly on most TFSI engines and therefore it is a simple intervention. We can also supply an upgraded turbocharger from PowerSpirit which can deliver up to 450hp.

    See Cupra K04 TFSI turbo here - Original turbo as can deliver up to 350 hp.

    Power spirit and Cupra upgrade 450hp. - Super upgrade turbo with larger compressor wheels

    Note that the "blow-off valve" is mounted at the front of the engine compartment and not into the turbo itself when it is a K04 turbo. You can possibly use a silicone T-piece to mount the valve.

    Exhausts and 3" TFSI downpipe

    You can mount a downpipe no matter if you have mounted a new and larger K04 turbocharger or not. You definitely get horsepower out of fitting a stainless downpipe. We have made it possible to order a TFSI downpipe with and without race catalyst, ie. if you do not want to drive with a catalytic converter you can order it without. If you want to have a really good purebred cat on, we can mount it for you before you receive your downpipe, so mounting is very easy for you. It is also important to get a new sports exhaust on with flow pots and larger pipe dimensions. We can highly recommend the exhaust of Simons which is stainless and in incredibly good quality and gives a really nice sound.

    See 2.0 TFSI downpipe - Here is the cheap quality solution for the transverse motor which we sell a lot of

    Downpipe - Here you will find all our pipes for VAG

    New model TFSI / FSI - Front tube for VW Golf 7 GTI / SEAT LEON CUPRA 5F / Skoda Octavia RS 5E / SKODA SUPERB 4x4 2.0 TSI

    Simons Catback exhaust system - Exhaust for TFSI from Simons in the highest quality - But for the right price

    Intercooler for 2.0T TFSI cars

    It is very important to cool the air that enters the engine after you have tuned the car, it can still be an advantage even if it is a completely original car. There are various options for mounting the intercooler on your TFSI motor, you see below. Even if you choose the large model intercooler, it does not sit so it is visible to any. police, therefore you can easily achieve great cooling without giving unnecessary attention.

    Large intercooler for TFSI

    Double intercooler kit - TFSI

    OEM S3 intercooler

    Performance intake with sports air filter

    Get more hp. out of your FSI engine with another intake/intake manifold. There are different types depending on which car you should tune. But below you will find an intake manifold that can be used for most with a bit of customization. It is a 2.75 "intake pipe that easily flowers up to 400 hp. If you want to have a specially made intake for 100% optimal flow, we can also custom-make one with stainless steel pipes - Gives a super nice finish.

    TFSI intake/intake pipe

    K & N universal air filter

    Reduction between intake manifold and turbo

    TFSI FSI TSI - Blow off valve

    If you want some more sound out of your Audi, Skoda, Seat, or VW, you can with a simple installation of a blow-off valve/flange get some more sound out of the engine. It is a cheap solution, in super good quality. The flange is simply inserted between the original blow off valve and the flange so that it aerates into the open air. Bolts are included for mounting. Remember to choose the correct flange to fit your car. We recommend looking at the original valve and assessing whether the flange fits.

    TFSI FSI TSI blow off valve - Provides super sound and easy mounting.

    Clocks for the car - Everything in clocks for charge pressure and temperature

    Adapter for charge pressure - Outlet for charge pressure indicator in the instrumentation < / p>


    High flow flange without noise-canceling

    With this flange, you get a higher flow out of the turbocharger. There is no "noise canceling" part in this flange.

    High flow flange - Without Noice Canceling

    High-pressure petrol pump for TFSI

    For hard tuning, your high-pressure pump needs to be upgraded. There you can buy an upgrade kit for it where you change the inside of it.

    TFSI petrol pump upgrade kit

    Petrol nozzles from Audi S3

    When the engine gets some more air, it should also have some more gasoline. You can use the original Audi S3 nozzles which can deliver up to approx. 500 hp. with an upgrade petrol pump.

    See Audi S3 petrol nozzles

    Mounting the catch can

    Det kan være en fordel at montere en Catch tank for at dampene fra krumtapshuset ikke kommer ind i indsugningen og derned sænker oktantallet.

    TFSI catch cut off - Med denne flange kan du lukke af for pcv 

    TSI Catch Can

    TFSI Catch tank - Really nice model with fittings, hoses, etc. < / p>

    TFSI Chiptuning

    After you have fitted the parts or some of the parts, it is necessary to chiptune the car - So get the engine control adjusted to the changes you have made. If you have not installed any of the parts and just want to optimize your std.


    TFSI engine block

    The most common engine number 06F. Most 2.0T blocks are replaceable. However, there may be small differences between blocks such as thermostat housings. As a rule of thumb, the best way to ensure a seamless build is to start with the same block code that your car originally came with. Up to 350hp. is Std. head bolts and top bolts okay - Over 350hp. ARP is recommended. However, note that OEM bolts are strong bolts and must be replaced if you have disassembled the engine.

    Like most VAG motors, there are 5 main bearing bearings with 2 bolts. Middle bearing also holds the crankshaft in the center (Trust washers).

    Main bearings for TFSI - Racer bearings for the crankshaft from the ACL

    ARP top bolts - Head stud bolts for the TFSI engine.

    ARP main stud TFSI - ARP bolts for main bearings

    Spacer disk TFSI - Trust washers

    Engine parts spare part TFSI - For engine overhaul that does not need much tuning


    All 2.0T FSI crankshaft has a stroke of 92.8mm and is all forged.

    On the crankshaft, a trigger wheel is used for the crankshaft position sensor for engine speed. It is very important that the trigger wheel is not bent as it will affect the sensing of the crankshaft signal. If the trigger wheel is removed for any reason, it must be replaced (disposable). The bolts that secure the trigger wheel to the crankshaft are also disposable. The TFSI motor has the same weak point as the old 1.8T motor, the bottom sprocket can come loose, for this, we recommend switching to ARP bolts.
    Most 2.0T FSI crankshafts are interchangeable except B7 Audi A4 Quattro with automatic transmission.

    ARP bolts for pulleys - ARP supply strong bolts for many engine types.


    All 2.0t FSI connecting rods is 144mm. center to center and Big end drill is 24.9mm. The width of the bearing is important as chain-driven motors (GEN 2/3) are smaller. The cross pin diameter varies between different motor codes from 20mm-23mm. The most typical is 20mm.

    350+ HP

    If you need to make an engine with 350 hp or more, we recommend changing the connecting rods to a minimum. You can often keep the original pistons if the cylinder wall and the pistons are in good condition. Has the engine run many km. the cylinder may have become oval and it is recommended to insert new oversized pistons with a bore of the cylinder. Original connecting rods typically bend as they are made too thin in the goods and they are not made of really good steel such as the one below.

    Connecting rods and bearing from the 1.8T motor can be used (To be used together, bearings and bearing rods)

    Connecting rods TSI, FSI, TFSI - Kvalitets connecting rods at cheap prices

    K1 Connecting rods - Branded product from K1

    Connecting rod bearings TFSI - ACL plejlstangslejer til TFSI


    Most 2.0T FSI pistons are forged but are still not as robust as the aftermarket forged pistons - Ex. JE & Wiseco stamp

    Std. cylinder drill is 82.5mm. typical compression ratios range from 9.5: 1 to over 10.0 depending on engine code.

    We have worked a lot with the VAG engine and can therefore help with the pistons you want and meet the requirements for your conversion. For example, you can get:

    Stamps according to desired drilling, compression ratio.

    The ceramic coating on the surface of the piston - The heat is rejected from the piston and remains in the combustion.

    Anti-friction coating on the sides of the pistons. Provides extra life on the pistons.

    Upgraded crossover - Available in lightweight or extra thickness for a turbocharged engine.

    Lateral gas port - Ensure superior piston ring sealing by increasing the gas pressure behind the piston rings. Recommended only for a racing engine, as the gas ports can quickly become clogged. Also wears extra on the piston rings.

    Forged pistons


    Race engine kit

    As some TFSI engines may have oil consumption problems, a set of new pistons is often required. We can of course help with this if you look at the link above. But we have also made a Race engine kit where you eg get new pistons, bearings, and H-profile connecting rods - Then the engine is ready for more hp. if you wish.

    Race engine kit - Find a kit for your engine


    Radiator hoses in blue

    Do you want a little extra color in the engine compartment, we have a radiator hose kit in blue.

    Cooling hoses kits - blue