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    Simon's exhaust

    Simon's Exhaust & sports exhaust

    Build your own exhaust with universal exhaust from Simon's exhaust. We sell everything you need in connection with the specially made exhaust. Special exhaust increases flow which increases the engine's hp. Remember to install a sports catalyst.

    Do you need a complete sports exhaust we also have this, it is often also in really good stainless material. If you choose exhaust parts from Simon's system, you are sure to get really good quality. We have been selling Simon's exhaust for many years and never have any issues with their exhaust system. It is incredibly often used to build a sports exhaust with mufflers, mufflers, and rear mufflers from Simons, you can choose to use one or 2 mufflers depending on how much attenuation you want from the sound. The larger and longer the mufflers are, the more they attenuate.

    Mounting Simon's exhaust

    When you need to make an exhaust yourself, you can use, for example, the stainless steel pipes and pipe bends that Simons himself produces or you can use our stainless steel pipes, which we sell a lot of. It is best to use a TIG welder to weld the system together, and then you can use stainless steel clamps for exhaust, U-clamps, or v-band clamp to mount intermediate pots and rear pots.

    The parts that are not in stainless steel are painted with really good heat-resistant paint that lasts incredibly well.



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    "BIG 51" - Stainless 2 "- Simons U335100R

    L: 420mm. Ø100 / 165mm.
    €100,52 incl tax €80,42 incl tax

    "DUO 51" - Stainless Silencer 2 x 2 "- Simons U3451DR

    Ø 115 / 185mm. Length: 315mm.
    €120,63 incl tax €96,50 incl tax

    "DUO 63" - Stainless Silencer 2 x 2½ "- Simons U3463DR

    Ø 115 / 185mm. Length: 450mm. - Pipes go straight through.
    €120,63 incl tax €99,18 incl tax

    "DUO 76" Stainless Silencer 2 x 3 "- Simons U3476DR

    Ø 140 / 220mm. Total Length: 450mm. Center-Center 80mm.
    €120,63 incl tax €96,50 incl tax
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