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    SPEC Clutches

    SPEC Clutches

    Whether on the road, drive, tractor drive, or drag races, racers rely on SPEC clutches for their strong grip, extreme durability, and reliability. In addition to Stage 1 to Stage 5 clutch sets, SPEC clutch offers related clutch components such as flywheels.
    There is a reason why so many autocrossers and race drivers use SPEC clutches in their race cars and street machines - find out why.
    With thousands of different clutch kits available, you are sure to see one that meets your vehicle's needs and personal driving style.

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    AUDI A4 / VW PASSAT 1.8 T



    Supra 1JZGTEĀ 

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    Stage 2+ clutch

    Great for street, drag, autocross, road racing, pulling, rallying and drifting.
    €642,81 incl tax

    Stage 3+ clutch

    Great for street, drag, drift, autocross, road racing, pulling, rally and drift.
    €750,03 incl tax