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    Canton Racing

    Canton Racing Accusump

    Canton Racing Accusumps are oil reservoirs that connect to the engine's oiling system. They are designed to collect pressurized oil from your engine and store it so that it may be discharged when oil pressure is low. Canton Racing Accusump oil accumulators deliver oil before starting to eliminate dry start scuffing (pre-oiling). They also discharge oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage during demanding racing conditions.

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    Accusump 2 QT - Oil Accumulator - No Valve

    The 2 Quart Accusump is ideal for surge control on small block V-8, V-6, and 4 cylinder engines as well as pre-oiling for all engines. Has a 12" long and 4-1/4" dia. body.
    €301,56 incl tax

    Accusump 2 QT - Oil Accumulator - KIT

    This 2 quart Marine Accusump kit is for pre-oiling and surge control on all applications. Tube is 12" long with 4-1/4" Dia. All components are anodized aluminum, stainless, or brass. The kit comes with a liquid filled stainless steel pressure gauge, stainless steel mounting clamps, brass safety valve, E. P. C. valve system, on / off switch, wire and terminals and installation instructions.
    €710,34 incl tax €683,54 incl tax

    Accusump 3 QT - Oil Accumulator - No Valve

    The 3 Quart Accusump is ideal for V-8 and high horsepower V-6 and 4 cylinders engines. It is the original and has been providing pre-oiling and surge protection in all types of racing and recreational vehicles for over 30 years. Has a 16" long and 4-1/4" dia. body.
    €308,26 incl tax

    Accusump Pro Electric Valve Kit - 24-270X

    The Electric Accusump Valve kit provides a convenient way of operating the Accusump.
    €230,53 incl tax