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    K&N Engineering - Air filter

    K&N Engineering - Air filter built to stay.

    For over 50 years, K & amp; N has been one of the leading companies in filtering and technology for cars. They offer products to increase performance, protection, and longevity in thousands of tuning parts for consumers worldwide.

    In the early 1960s, two motorcyclists, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K & amp; N), developed a groundbreaking new idea for an air filter - one that could perform under the demands of dusty and dirty off-road environments. After experimenting with several types of filter media, they discovered that an oiled cotton construction allowed the filter to not only capture contaminants very efficiently, but also let it be washed and reused, and the original K&N High-Flow Air Filter was born.
    Five decades later, K&N continues to innovate the industry's leading filtering technology and offers unparalleled protection to all types of automobiles around the globe.

    In addition to performance air filters, K&N now manufactures a range of other protection and performance products, including air intake systems, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin air filters, and home air filters, with a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service that millions of customers trust. < K & amp; N has maintained a commitment to racing and motorsport throughout its history and has sponsored championship-winning teams in most sub-disciplines of motorsport.
    A long and historic legacy continues to contribute to the development of products for all types of vehicles and engines.

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    2.75 "KN air filter 70mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. KN filter - RU-4960

    Length: 152mm.
    €67,02 incl tax

    2.87 "KN air filter 73mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. KN filter - RC-2600

    Here you get a K&N sports air filter with 73mm. entrance. Length: 152mm.
    €62,73 incl tax

    2½ "KN air filter - 64mm. K&N Clamp-on 355 hp. KN filter - RU-4860

    Length: 165mm.
    €69,17 incl tax

    2½ "KN air filter - 65mm. K&N Clamp-on 300 hp. KN filter - RA-0610

    Length 127mm.
    €60,32 incl tax
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