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    Turbokit for Nissan - Tuning for Nissan engine

    Turbokit for Nissan - Tuning for Nissan engine

    If you have a Nissan or an engine from a Nissan, we try to have the pieces and parts you need to tune it. We are happy to provide all the tuning parts you need for mounting the turbo kit and upgrading the engine.

    Guide to Nissan engine

    We are trying to make a guide for tuning a wide range of motors. If your engine is not on the list you can write to us and if it is an engine that is of great interest and we have time to make a guide - We are happy to do it!

    RB25 engine - Guide for tuning the RB25 & RB25DET & RB25DET

    RB26 engine - Guide for tuning the RB26DET

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    Oil access / return hose for Nissan

    Oil connection to Nissan with everything to use.
    From €134,04 incl tax