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    Pipes & hoses

    Here you will find our range of pipes and hoses designed for car tuning. We have a wide selection of hoses, including silicone hoses and vacuum hoses, which are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, providing robust and reliable performance. Our range also includes pipes and bends as well as aluminum pipes, which provide lightweight and durable solutions. To ensure a secure installation and fit, we also offer tensioning straps. We have exhaust collectors for turbos, which are designed to optimize exhaust flow and improve engine performance. We have pressure pipe fittings that ensure a tight connection to your pressure pipes. You can find that and much more here.

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    T-bolt stainless clamp 2½ "

    67 - 75mm.
    From €1,34 incl tax

    T-bolt stainless clamp 3 "

    79 - 87mm.
    From €1,34 incl tax

    T-bolt stainless clamp 2 "

    54 - 62mm.
    From €1,21 incl tax

    3 "stainless tube bend - 90 degrees

    Height 154mm.
    From €14,09 incl tax
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