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    Wilwood Engineering, Inc.

    Wilwood Engineering, Inc.

    Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems.
    Since the company's start-up in 1977 by Bill Wood, we've developed a significant array of brake components and technology that enables us to quickly and reliably set up brake systems for almost any application. Our core capability is the rapid development of specially designed braking systems.
    In addition to designing and manufacturing brakes for all types of competitive motorsport, Wilwood also manufactures braking systems and components for agricultural equipment, industrial applications, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, quads, motorcycles, and military vehicles. Headquartered in Camarillo, California, Wilwood employs approximately 250 people. Our stock of brake calipers ranges from the small calibers used in go-karts and light industrial work, and all the way up to powerful and original equipment brakes for the US military Humvee.

    Wilwood complies with ISO 9000 and has extensive experience in maintaining quality levels of 100 ppm or less for original equipment manufacturers.

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    Brake proportional valve - Brake distribution valve - Wilwood

    €57,37 incl tax

    Master cylinder 0.625" - Wilwood

    €83,11 incl tax

    Wilwood GS Remote Master Cylinder - 0.5" Bore

    €105,09 incl tax

    Wilwood Residual Pressure Valve - New Style w/ Fittings - 2# / Blue

    Fortryksventil på 2 psi til brug på skivebremser for at elimenere pedal vandring.
    €34,31 incl tax